The OmniChannel system connects all your leads and communication channels to one place

No matter if customers reach out to you through Facebook, Instagram, or
Email, the OmniChannel system allows you to easily manage all inquiries through a user-friendly and flexible interface tailored precisely to the needs of your customer service, technical support, and sales teams.

Boost customer satisfaction

With technology that centralizes all customer inquiries and enables quick and professional responses

Here's how it works

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In order to provide customers with the highest standard of service, our technology assists various department managers in the company by:
1) Monitoring and controlling customer inquiries
2) Identifying customers with recurring requests
3) Addressing common complaints
4) Transferring inquiries between representatives based on workload

Excellent customer relationships

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Creating an enhanced customer experience that includes, among other things:
1) Minimizing response times for customer inquiries.
2) Establishing accurate priority sequences tailored to customer types and inquiry categories.
3) Implementing a comprehensive and highly efficient customer service management system.

Full control over business inquiries and leads

Through the Kaveret CRM OmniChannel system, we provide your customers with an excellent service experience. Centralizing inquiries in one place allows you to have real-time insights into the service standards you provide and how to enhance them at any given moment.

Better Customer Relations

Creating an improved customer experience that includes reducing the handling time of inquiries, setting correct priority orders based on customer type, and full and comprehensive control of the customer service manager

Our Superpower: Professional Customer Service

With us, you step in the right direction, and we'll quickly assign you a specialized project manager in information systems who will listen attentively and find solutions for you.

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The project manager take care of:

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The project manager also ensures:

Our Satisfied Customers


Gil Hovav, Karpad Publishing
"Switching to Kaveret CRM about a year ago has completely transformed my life. No more running to the post office to send invoices, no more data chaos due to scattered rain-soaked documents, and, most importantly, the ability to send invoices from anywhere. The question I now ask myself is, 'What am I going to do with my desk?' It's simply become redundant!"
Ido Sela, CEO of Wisy
"We arrived at Kaveret after evaluating ten CRM systems. When we met with the team at Kaveret, we realized we had found the right place. The service, support, understanding, and solutions for every chaos we've had. This relationship has accompanied us throughout our ongoing work with them."
Promise Deputy CEO, Insurance Agency
"Over the 15 years I've been a manager, I've gone through several CRM systems. A few years back, when we decided to find a system that suits the organization's needs, we turned to Kaveret. From the very first meeting, I understood that there was something special here, a unique combination of people who are passionate about what they do alongside a high-quality system that caters to our organizational needs. I'm a people person, and the human connection, from my professional partners, is critical from my point of view. In Kaveret, I found just that. Probably not by chance, under their logo, it says, 'Smart Management Software.' I highly recommend any business or organization looking to take their CRM system forward to get in touch and be impressed."

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